About Us

Empowering Futures Through Youth Apprenticeship

Through collaboration and partnerships, our team can support real options for students to explore a range of options outside of the classroom. With our support, students can start their pathway toward a career that they are passionate about while earning paid valuable experience, college credits, and more. Youth Apprenticeships also foster stronger links between employers and education, helping to ensure that local employers can play a more active role in developing the young workforce and shaping the next generation of talent.

What is CESA 6?

CESA 6 is a non-profit, member-driven cooperative educational service agency – thus part of our name is CESA. We are one of 12 CESAs in Wisconsin – we are CESA 6! With offices headquartered in Oshkosh, WI, CESA 6 is governed by an 11-member Board of Control representing the public-school districts in the region. At CESA 6, we keep our eye on the current education landscape and think ahead (smart thinking that is!) to be proactive and responsive and meet the changing educational needs. Schools, educators, school districts and education-related organizations can rely on CESA 6 to be a partner for innovative products and services delivered with expertise and professionalism. 

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Our Mission

Connect, Support and Grow Career Readiness

Our Vision

We will be the most influential and innovative career readiness provider.

Commitment to Excellence 

We provide students with valuable apprentice opportunities for career growth for high school juniors and seniors. Our team of Youth Apprentice Coordinators is committed to supporting local employers and students throughout the process. 

Growing Tomorrow’s Workforce with CESA 6

Responsive innovators, experts and partners – that’s CESA 6, proudly providing solutions to students, educators, schools, districts and the entire education community to maximize success.