Frequently Asked Questions


Youth Apprenticeships equip young people with the knowledge, skills and experience to prepare them for the world of work and help to broaden their options when they leave school. Youth unemployment rates remain much higher than the rate for all-ages unemployment in Wisconsin and we believe that the Youth Apprenticeship program plays an important role in improving youth and ongoing employment gaps.

Youth Apprenticeships also foster stronger links between employers and education, helping to ensure that local employers can play a more active role in developing the young workforce and shaping the next generation of talent.

The CESA 6 Youth Apprenticeship program has a recruitment process in place. As an apprenticeship provider, you will be provided access to student applications and can select the candidates that you would like to bring in for an interview. Your Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator is a great resource to help support the recommendation of students that match you needs. Employers can be involved at different stages in the program prior to placements, such as: tours, job shadowing, guest lecturing etc. Please reach out to your YA Coordinator to learn more about these opportunities.

The YA Coordinator will work with the employer and provide an outline of what the learner must cover during the work placement. The YA Coordinator will complete the verification of skills during placement site visits and progress reviews.

The work placement would typically take place within the school academic year. In some career areas, it may be necessary for youth apprentices to begin employment before school, work during a block of time during the day, or extend their normal school day. The student work hours are agreed upon between the youth apprentice, employer, and the school. Your YA Coordinator can assist you with any questions related to student schedules.

Employers should not incur any direct costs for being involved in the program. The only investment is their time and wages paid to the youth apprentice. If you have any questions regarding wages within your region for Youth Apprentices, please reach out to your YA Coordinator.

There are a variety of opportunities for your Youth Apprentice after they complete their program.  It is encouraged that employers engage in ongoing conversations with the students regarding the potential for ongoing employment, post-secondary education recommendations tied to the careers that they were exposed to and opportunities when available to transition into a registered apprenticeship. When employers show interest in the apprentice the retention rate is very high following the experience.