Get Started with Youth Apprenticeship

Build Your Company’s Future Workforce

Recruiting never stops and is an integral part of your company’s future success. Youth Apprenticeships are an additional resource that can be added to your candidate pipeline. A large percentage of the students who finish a Youth Apprenticeship continue with the YA employer full time or part-time as they attend college or technical school. By participating in Youth Apprenticeship, you can invest in two futures with an apprentice candidate who meets your company’s needs.

Hiring A Youth Apprenticeship Student


Job Position

Identify staffing needs and determine job roles and responsibilities for Youth Apprentice.

Talent Acquisition

Review YA Applications and interview student candidates that meet your criteria. Communicate with the YA Coordinator on hiring status.

Employee Onboarding

Welcome new hires and facilitate the completion of your company onboarding process with necessary paperwork.

YA Records Management

Work with the YA Coordinator to sign the Education Training Agreement and confirm the YA student schedule for school release.

Support A Youth Apprenticeship Student


Mentor Assignment

Assign a mentor within your organization to train and support the career growth of the YA student. New mentors should complete mentor training.

Performance Management

Complete the three required student progress reviews in a timely manner aligned with student grading timelines.

Training & Development

Meet with the YA Coordinator and student throughout the school year to celebrate growth and discuss additional training needs.

YA Closure

Complete the post program survey and discuss employment opportunities with your YA student

Create Tomorrow’s Talent Today

Work with CESA 6 to find a Youth Apprentice for your business. CESA 6 helps you grow your talent pool with engaged students, as well as support the local school district.