Art, Audio/Video Technology and Communications Pathways

The Arts, Audio/Video Technology, & Communications Careers involve designing, producing, exhibiting, performing, writing, and publishing media content. This cluster also includes performing arts, graphic design, journalism, and entertainment.

Graphic Design

The Graphic Designer Youth Apprentice is trained in graphic layout, software, editing, managing digital files, color concepts, and typography.

Media Broadcast Technician

Media Broadcast Technician youth apprentices gain foundational skills of set up, operation, and maintenance of equipment used to transmit audio and video for radio or television.

Pre-Press Operator

Pre-Press Operator youth apprentices gain a foundation of pre-press skills including software, equipment, color, and pre-press processes.

Press and Post Press Operator

Press and Post-Press Operator youth apprentices gain foundational skills of press and post-press operation skills including printing software, equipment, and press and post-press processes.