Benefits of Youth Apprenticeship for Students

Importance of Career Path Programming

Youth Apprentices split their time between their traditional high school classroom and the workplace. They earn a wage while receiving hands-on work experience where they can apply their classroom learning. The Youth Apprenticeship model is mutually beneficial for both apprentices and employers and the YA team is there every step of the way to provide support to students, parents and employers during the program.

Career Jumpstart

Ease the transition from school to the professional world by gaining experience in a career area of interest.


Connect with mentors in your chosen industry who can help you advance your career goals.

Paid Learning

Earn while you learn industry-recognized skills and academic credit toward graduation.


Earn valuable industry credentials and possible college credit.

Empowering Students for Lasting Success

Discover the world of Youth Apprenticeship through our in-depth webinar. Gain insights and knowledge about YA.

Parents – Support Your Child’s Bright Future

College Credits for Continued Learning

While your student is participating in YA, they will continue to earn school credit while also learning industry-supported competencies and work experience to prepare them post-education. Our employers offer flexible schedules so students can focus on school and still explore career opportunities early.

Begin Your Youth Apprenticeship Journey for Lasting Benefits

The skills acquired through participation in CESA 6 Youth Apprenticeship serve as valuable assets for your future career, whether you embark on full-time employment or choose to further your education.